No Makeup Makeup For When You Want To Spend An Hour On Your Makeup

Because #selfcare

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Honestly, there is nothing better than a no makeup makeup look. I'm obsessed with them. If I could I would love to spend an hour each day putting on piles of makeup and making it seem like there is barely any on.

Now, I know, for an excessive no makeup makeup look, this doesn't have all that many products in it. Um. It's six. But, it's more about the finesse of the application that makes it excessive, mmkay? Who wouldn't want to blend in their foundation for a full twenty minutes?

no makeup makeup | no makeup look | natural makeup products | beauty product | makeup flatlay | mercuteify

You can watch the full tutorial on my youtube channel, or below. The gist is really just blend. And then blend some more. And if you think you're done blending? You're not. Blend again. That's what makes for a great no makeup makeup look. Just making sure everything looks totally flawless. Like your skin actually looks like the pretty filter. 

no makeup makeup | no makeup tutorial | no makeup look | mercuteify

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