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Non Sticky Lip Gloss Formulas That Don't Suck

Non Sticky Lip Gloss Formulas That Don't Suck


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When I was a young'un I loved lip gloss. I was all for the late '90s full on glittery goopy gloss. It would fade away in an hour which was obviously a great thing because that meant that you got to apply MORE. But after I aged enough to realize that having to pry apart your lips because they were so sticky wasn't a good thing, I basically refused to wear them. It took a good decade or so for me to dip my toes back into the lip gloss arena. I certainly don't wear 'em every day but I do love a good non sticky lip gloss. Today I'm playing favorites. 


Clarins makes some of my favorite lip products. What can I say? I'm a big fan girl. My two BFFs from Clarins are the *Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector and the *Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil both in red because duh. 

First things first the Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector. That name tho, am I right? Can we pull a Lorelai Gilmore and call it the ILNLP? Because that would be super helpful for my impending carpal tunnel. This is the lipgloss with the fuzzy applicator that I adore. I have a few different colors that I basically keep in each and every purse so I have one on me at any given time.

I love that these glosses are thinner and not all that pigmented so you get a little hint to make your lips look all babely. But not so pigmented that if you get a little cavalier with the application that you'll look like you totally missed your lips. No sticky lip situation and they layer really well on top of other lip products. 

The Lip Comfort Oil, on the other hand checks the same thin-ish and pigmented-ish boxes with the extra hydrating benefits of oil. Jojoba oil, specifically, which is my favorite favorite skin oil. Don't get me started on Jojoba oil because we'll be here all day. You could pretend this is a lip treatment but it's probably not the best hydrator of all lip treatments of all time. But it does have a nice hydrating kick so you'll get soft lips out of the deal. 


I know, I know. I've harped many a time on my love for the *YSL Tint in Oils. They're just so good! Not only are you getting a somewhat hydrating oily lip gloss, but a lip stain to boot. It saves a step because I always like to soften up a lip stain with a gloss. That thirty seconds is a game changer I tell ya! 

But seriously, if you're in the market for a luxury gloss and you don't like that nude gloss dead but shiny lip look, check it out. It's just enough to make your lips look great for at least a few hours after the glossiness wears off. 

Josie Maran

Okay, so technically this has been discontinued and it's also kind of not a gloss but eBay is a thing and so is Amazon if you want to live on the wild side. Or we can all petition Josie Maran to bring back the Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil?

This is a thicker, oilier, super pigmented lip glossy situation. It's technically a blush too, but you have to have a very specific makeup situation going on for the oil to not totally destroy the rest of your makeup. Regardless. I love to really work this into my lips to get the most out of the color with the oil soaking in, to give kind of a semi-glossy finish. 


Last but not least is our drugstore option. I know there are a million and one drugstore glosses that I haven't tried (sorry 'bout 'cha). But I'm loving the *Essence XXXL Shine Lip Gloss even though it's called the XXXL Shine Lip Gloss. I mean, come on. It comes in at less than three dollars which is a humongous steal for a pretty darn good gloss.

As the name suggests it's on the shinier side of glossy. But it's also pretty pigmented. This would have been my middle school self's prised possession because it's both peppy and understated. Like the cheerleader who kind of wants to be there but also not really. It's the season one One Tree Hill's Peyton of the lip gloss world. You're welcome for that flashback reference. 

Do you have any lip glosses that you love-love? Let me know!

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