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Apparently this NYX Ombre Blush is Universally Flattering

Apparently this NYX Ombre Blush is Universally Flattering

It's good for bad skin days, at least. 

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As a human with eyeballs who likes nice looking things, I have a thing for ombre makeup products. Pretty simple, really. Who doesn't like a nice fade from one color to the next? With my penchant for ombre blush I picked up this NYX Blush in Mauve Me without thinking all too much about it. It's a mauve shade which is something that was sorely lacking from my collection and I wanted to give a not Kimmy-Schmidt bright pink blush a try. 

Little did I know that Glamour said that this blush shade is universally flattering. Cool. Something fun to test out on my sheet of paper pale skin. 

Okay. So. According to Glamour it’s so flattering because MAUVE IS A SHADE THAT LOOKS GOOD ON EVERYONE which is, you know, highly debatable. But, they also dig it because of that oh so Instagramable fade from a white-ish lilac to a deep mauve. Although, let’s be serious, the mauve takes up a good chunk of the pan. 

Anyway. They say that you can customize how light or dark you take the blush which makes it perf for all skin depths. Sure.

Actually, let’s talk about what I really like about this blush. It’s pretty dreamy on bad skin days TBH. It’s like, you know when you have a break out on your cheeks and you don’t want to wear blush because it can only make acne stand out more or look worse? This is the hue to combat that. The shade is darker and cooler toned than any other blush in my collection which makes it great for adding a very subtle flush over my cheeks.

When I was road tripping last month this was the only blush I used (not the only one I packed, of course) because I could finagle it to be both blush and contour. But unlike the ‘80s pink blush/contour hybrid situation, this actually works. See the photo of meeeee wearing the blush? That’s how it looks as a blushy contour. It's barely there but it also makes that little difference that I'm ALL about.

The one thing that I’m very meh about with this blush is that it is hard to get a lot of look out of it. It’s very, very subtle, even if you don’t want it to be. So that kind of sucks. Like in that photo of me you could easily glance at it and not see the blush. But, then, you try to work it up a bit (which takes EFFORT) and it looks a bit muddy on my skin.

So let’s call this the no-blush-blush the blush for when you only need a subtle hint of color to look not-dead. For this, for me, it’s perfect. The back from the gym flush Glamour promised? Not so much. 

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