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So, Oribe Has Makeup. Who Knew?

So, Oribe Has Makeup. Who Knew?

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I mean, I didn't. Oribe makeup existed in this black hole completely covered up by the enormity that is the cult goodness of the dry texturizing spray. Mmmmph. That stuff is good.

Their makeup is so high quality it is seriously a shame that people just don't seem to know that it exists. They even have shower gel! Shower gel, guys. Although I guess shower gel is not to far flung from shampoo, so maybe that one isn't as big of a deal. Anyway. The makeup/beauty section is pretty small and very luxe (read expensive) and is seriously high quality. 

oribe makeup
oribe makeup

Face Palette

Let's talk first about the *Oribe Illuminating Face Palette. You guys know how excited I get about lipsticks and I would just never write this section if I didn't write it first. This is a tri-color mini palette compact that you can take in your purse and use to touch up during the day. Or, I mean you can totally use this in the morning when applying your full face but it's more so sized for touch ups. 

Each little section is only about as wide as a finger so they are pretty narrow. And, if I'm being honest, I would have preferred if they just left the bronzer section out. The highlighter and the blush are so lovely, and both could be bigger (and easier to get brushes in to use) if the bronzer just wasn't there. Plus, the bronzer is seriously light, as far as bronzers go. The bronzer formula, I mean, it's great. But, I just don't know if it is needed in this palette. 

So lets talk about the highlighter and blush then, because they make the palette worth it.

This highlighter has been my inner corner go-to for the past couple of weeks. It is a bright creamy white that has surprisingly great pigmentation. It may be a little too bright in that early 2000's kind of way but I love it. I don't know why but I usually find white highlighters to be chalky or hard to work with but this one is buttery and smooth. Sometimes luxury powder makeup can be so soft that it has a lot of kick back and you waste half the product on the mirror and your brush and your vanity because it just goes everywhere. This one is the goldilocks of softness. It's silky and refined but it isn't powdery and doesn't have a bunch of fall out. 

The blush is also in that sweet spot but for color. It isn't too pink, it isn't too peachy, and it isn't coral. It's kind of in that NARS Orgasm color range but without the gold shimmer running through out. Fun fact, I actually really dislike that gold shimmer that makes Orgasm what it is, which is why I'll never buy it. This blush is subtle and sweet and is really easy to work with. It's hard to over do because it is on the lighter end of the spectrum and the softness of the powder makes it easy to blend. 

oribe lip lust the violet
Oribe The Violet

Lip Lust

So now that's done we can finally talk about the lipstick because mmmmmph it makes this whole post just a little bit sexier, don't you think? This is the *Oribe Lip Lust Creme Lipstick in The Violet and I want to have its babies. 

You probably already know my deep seated love for this lipstick because I wrote about it in my fall lipstick lineup

This is a creme-gel lipstick in the best reddened violet I've ever seen. It's seriously going to be my number one lipstick this fall because the color is so perfectly vampy but still kind of wearable for daytime. It makes me feel like I'm the leader of some kind of witchy makeup coven which is the whole idea of my fall aesthetic so this is basically perfect.

The formula is thin and very easy to build up. You can wear it in just a layer or two like I did here, or you can load 'er up for some seriously dark lipstick. This lipstick glides on smoothly and stays comfortable because of it's satiny finish. It will definitely transfer on you, your coffee mug, and your significant other, so you may or may not want to keep it with you.

This lipstick has so much pigment that it stains the lips pretty strongly when worn for more than like 15 seconds. What I usually do to keep the color going stronger is apply, blot it down, and apply again. And if I'm feeling particularly witchy, I'll blot it down and apply a translucent powder to make it matte.

And there you have it! The Oribe makeup that you didn't know existed but now probably need in your life. I've got my eye on the Balmessence Lip Treatment too because look at that packaging. Gorgeous. Have you ever seen or heard of the Oribe makeup line? 

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