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Peach Makeup To Brighten You Up This Gray Winter

Peach Makeup To Brighten You Up This Gray Winter

Because holy cheesus I'm sick of the drab.

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Whenever we get to right around February I always get that winter itch. Not like dry skin or something gross, but that good God get me to someplace sunny, STAT, itch. The gray of winter (even in NOLA) is almost too depressing. To heal myself through cosmetics, as always, I've been turning to peach makeup tones this year. 

I guess I'm getting in on that Kylie Jenner monochrome peach makeup trend thing? 

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Just kidding, like I'd ever do that.

Peachy Eyes

Eyeshadow is probably the easiest way to add a little peachy flavor to your look. I'm perennially obsessed with the L'Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Eye Shadow in Amber Rush. It's that perfectly bright coppery peach that makes your eyes SPARKLE. It's the kind of color that not only looks great on everyone but also makes everyone feel good. Other peachy picks I'm obsessed with are the MAC eyeshadow in Expensive Pink and the H&M Cream Eyeshadow in Champers.

All the sudden there are a zillion different peach eye-picks so I popped my favorites into the widget below. I love the look and feel of the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette, and Urban Decay, who makes basically the best shadows ever, has some great peachy picks too.

Peachy Cheeks

A true peach blush, on the other hand, not so easy to come by. Sure, you could get the peach effect off of something like NARS Orgasm blush (from the pink + gold shimmer combo). And there are a million dupes for NARS Orgasm. So they're um, plentiful. But for a true peach, that doesn't run too light, too nude, or too orange, they're not exactly out there. 

Too Faced just came out with their whole peach makeup flavored line and their blushy guy, Papa Don't Peach (Best. Name. Ever) is just too bronzy for my high standards. Like yes, it's pretty and it smells like heaven but it isn't really a true peach blush. 

Instead, I've really only got Milani Luminoso in my arsenal. I know I literally just covered it talking about my favorite shimmering blushes but it's perfect so I'm still including it. It could have better pigmentation but it's my favorite drugstore peach pick. I'll stay on the hunt though, don't worry.

Peachy Lips

I think the reason I like peach makeup so much is that it's the perfect combination of color and brightness. That, and who doesn't look like an ethereal goddess wearing peach makeup? The pink and gold combo just looks amazing on everyone. Peach lips can be a little harder to pull off without looking too early aughts.

Have you ever watched Bones? I used to be OBSESSED with Bones. In one of the early seasons the makeup artist put literally everyone in a peach lipstick for episodes on end. It kind of ruined the color for me because I learned, a great peachy lipstick may not be the most flattering. 

So, instead of hunting for the best true peach lipstick, I go for the pink-ish peach lippies that are way more flattering on literally just about everyone. My favorite is the *YSL Tint In Oil in Peach. It's got that brightness I love without being over the top orange. From MAC you could go for the classic Peachstock, but it's a little concealer-lips-y on me. So instead I like MAC Sweet & Sour. It's a little pinker, a little darker, and all in all much more flattering across many skintones. Also, I adored the Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks so I'm still a little meh about the Vice lines, but Snitch is the perfect peach but not to peachy lipstick, I swear. 

So, friends, feelings on peach makeup? Yay/nay? 

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