Products So Good I Used Them All Up

Products I've Used Up Video | Mercuteify

Oh you know. It's FRIDAY! And video time. And I've used up a bunch of products lately.

I feel like the cool teacher wheeling in a giant cart with a rickety old TV on top and dimming the lights because this video is practically a feature length film. I mean, not really, but it's almost 10 minutes long. Which is long, for me. 

I've used up a whole slew of stuff (actually mostly just makeup remover and mascara (not that surprising really)) and I had a real heart to heart about it.

Not every single thing is re-purchasably good so keep an eye out for the little niggles that make some of these products not so super hot. But there are also a bunch that I would repurchase. So. Exciting stuff.

Anyway, video is live and ready for your eyes and shopping list. Enjoy!