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Shaving With A Single Blade Razor Isn't All That Scary

Shaving With A Single Blade Razor Isn't All That Scary

And it's been weirdly good for my skin??

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Honestly the more I look at that photo the more I get weird draw me like one of your french girls vibes.

Today we're chatting about shaving legs 'n things because I've recently-ish switched over to using a single blade razor and it's actually really great. I started thinking about it literally two years ago when I accidently bought the wrong replacement heads for my off brand venus razor.

It was like $20 and I couldn't return them because I opened one. Not like $20 is going to break the bank or anything but I could have bought a new Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick for that kind of money. And a new lipstick would have given me much more life satisfaction than the razor heads, just sayin'.

But it took me two whole years to do anything about it because, um, one of my life priorities is to delay delay delay every little decision as long as possible. Just kidding. But not really though. 

Now that I'm living the freelance life, I want to streamline (read: lower) my expenditures on those average everyday things that don't set my heart aflutter. But, by total accident I ended up kind of loving shaving with a single blade razor, who knew?

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So just in case you didn't know, here's a mini run down on single blade razors. 

Single blade razors, and those old school Sweeny Todd style straight blade razors, used to be basically the only way to shave. Commercially, that is. They held on as like the cool, manly way to shave since then, even with all the new technologies that have popped up since. 

I literally had never seen nor heard of any other way to shave besides the gelly pink razors at Target until I was, I don't know, maybe 20? 

I always thought that the more blades the better, but, as I have learned with this single blade razor experience, that's totally not the case. Especially for those of us with sensitive, dry legs that want to wilt and/or cry whenever shaving happens. 

So after researching way, way too much I picked up the Weishi Single Blade Razor. If you really want to delve into the nitty gritty there is a whole subreddit for lady shavers that can teach you literally every little thing you want to know. But, basically, I picked this one up because it is supposed to be on the gentle side, it's way cheap (I got it for $15 but it's on sale for $10 right now) and it's sturdy enough to last a literal lifetime. I also picked up a sampler pack of replacement blades that will very likely last me five years or something crazy. 

If you want, you can also look into Oui Shave. I very nearly bought one (it's GOLD! they're named after the Sex In The City Girls!) but they are also like $65 to $85. That is a much larger chunk of change for a razor. Maybe one day when I'm a gazillionaire and I can plunk down money on a swishy fancy razor. 

So why is shaving with a single blade razor that much better? It, for whatever reason, causes way less irritation on my skin. If you google it, people say that because there is only one blade going over your skin (instead of five in immediate succession) it's better for your skin. I don't know for sure if that is it, but my skin feels so much better after shaving now than ever before. 

When I first tried it I was scared because what if I nic an artery or something?! But, in the month and couple of days that I've used this razor, I've yet to cut myself or get razor burn. Which I'm not sure I can say with regular shaving. It's bonkers how much better it is. If you go down the rabbit hole, you'll see that people go ham and get fancy soaps and brushes and all kinds of other shaving accoutrement. And I'm sure that is actually better for your skin or getting the closest shave but I just go in with water, or an in shower body moisturizer if I'm feeling fancy.

The razor itself is super heavy, which takes some getting used to, but you just glide it over your skin like a normal razor, and boom hair gone. I think the heft of the razor also helps to get a super close shave. You'll be walking around asking everyone to feel your legs, for sure.

Have you ever thought of shaving with a single blade razor?  

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