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Thursday Thrift: Orange Leather Jacket

Thursday Thrift: Orange Leather Jacket

Because everyone needs a statement jacket, right?

Jacket discounted courtesy of ThredUP. 

See? I told you I'd make this into an actual thing. I first got the idea to start this Thursday Thrift feature because ThredUP got in contact with me a few weeks back. They popped me over a discount credit and I picked up this bright orange leather jacket for a mere $23. Isn't it dreamy? I just can't with it, I really can't. 

As a special little promo, you can get 50% off your first purchase at ThredUP (up to $50 off) if you use the code WOMENS50. It's not an affiliate link or anything, just a little bonus for you babes.

Now let's chat about this jacket because I'm obsessed with it. Seriously. I was on the hunt for a mid-weight jacket because I'll be traveling this month to the not-super-warm Belgium and I really only have a jean jacket. It doesn't get all that cold in New Orleans, obviously.

I wasn't dead set on getting a leather jacket but this punchy dreamboat by Truth and Pride caught my eye and I couldn't let it go.

Due to the fact that this one item has more color than I ever wear, I always get Mindy Project vibes whenever I put it on. It's definitely sassier than any other jacket I own.

It's orange, clearly, and it has all the little zips and pockets of a cool moto jacket. Because this piece is so, so bright it works best with simpler items underneath it. I've been wearing this jacket most often with a plain white tee and boyfriend shorts, but I love the little bit of edge it gives to this super feminine dress too. 

It's just lightweight enough that you can shrug up the sleeves to make it look like you're actually a fashion blogger, or wear them down like a normal human. 


The perforated leather was a detail that I wasn't expecting to like as much as I do. It was actually almost a deal breaker but I bit the bullet and picked it up anyway. I think the little bit of pattern that the perforation gives makes this jacket even more interesting, and it cools it off enough to make it wearable in New Orleans. 

What do you think of this bright orange jacket?

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