Thursday Thrift: Gray Cashmere Sweater

Welcome to the new feature.

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News on the blog front; I'm starting a new little feature! I recently realized that basically all (well, at least half) of my wardrobe is thrifted (i.e. pre-owned). And for some odd reason whenever I talk about thrifting I get a really mixed bag of reactions because it seems like half the people I talk to don't believe you can wear thrifted clothes and dress cute? Or that thrifted clothes are inherently poor quality or something. Whatever. I love thrifting! To celebrate my love of thrifting and super basic clothing I'm going to feature one thrifted item per week on Thursdays. I've even taken multiple week's worth of photos already so it's actually going to happen this time. Kicking things off is this gorgeous gray cashmere sweater. 

This soft little dream of a sweater is by Ply Cashmere, that I got on ThredUP. If you haven't heard of it (I hadn't until just a few weeks ago) thredUP is basically an online thrift store that carries nice-er quality items. I was able to pick up this 100% cashmere sweater for just $15 (!!!) which is a total steal. 

The thing that I like the most about this sweater is the little details. The drop shoulder gives it a little interest along with the cool weave change that shows it off. 

I also really like the high side slits. I usually wear high waisted jeans so there's no real flash of skin, but it would look super cute with lower rise jeans too. 

It's actually my first cashmere anything and holy cheesus is it soft. It's like the ultimate comfort sweater, plus I get to feel all fancy lady when I'm wearing it, which is a total plus. It's getting a bit warm to wear this in New Orleans, but I'm going to be doing a little traveling this month to colder climates so obviously it's coming with me. 

I nabbed a few look-alike sweaters that you can find in the widget down below if you're in need of a basic gray sweater (and who isn't?). They're a mix of price points and materials if cashmere isn't your thang.