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Thursday Thrift: Denim Overall Dress

Thursday Thrift: Denim Overall Dress

Or my festival outfit go-to.

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Festival season in New Orleans is not like festival seasons elsewhere. Like, growing up it would be this big production to go the only close festival during the summer (it was Swedish themed for some reason). In NOLA it's like throw a stone and you'll find a festival of some sort. Unsurprisingly my favorites revolve around food so it's lucky this denim overall dress has a little give for a food baby or two. 

I picked up this dress a while back from a local thrift store, Bloomin' Deals (get it?), for I don't know, less than ten bucks? It was a floor length mumu that I took in and hemmed way, way up to look significantly cuter. I feel like a librarian probably wore it every day in the '90s until I gave it new life. Which is cute, or icky depending on how you look at it.

Regardless, thrifting for shorter term trends (like a denim overall dress) can be hard to do, so having some sewing ability is helpful. Its why I look at pretty much all sizes when I go thrifting. If I didn't I'd never have this dress and we all know what a disappointment that would be.

Lipstick is the *Makeup Geek Showstopper Creme Stain in Flamenco, by the way. Honestly I was a bit disappointed in the formula of the Showstoppers (they're more like a matte liquid lipstick than a lip stain) but this color makes up for the fact that it transfers like nobody's business. 

I like to pair up this overall dress with a high necked tank. It gives that little bit more visual interest to the top. This one is a super cheap option from Forever 21 a couple of years back. 

Oh, and that little under-boob pocket? Totally useful for festivals. You can fit tickets, bobby pins, or other little mementos in it for easy access. This dress really has it all. 

These shoes? I don't know. They felt like such a good idea at the time (they even match my coffee!) but seeing it in photo form it's a little ... meh, right? For an actual festival day I think some sparkly, sassy booties would be a total treat. Or, maybe a bit more practical, some white lil slip on Keds that I wouldn't mind getting caked in mud. It's a do as I say, not as I do moment. 

Below you'll find the widget as always with a multitude of different overall dresses for you to peek at. I highly suggest looking on ebay for a cheaper option too, they look totally flooded with the things. 

What is your festival go-to outfit?

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