Thursday Thrift: Pink Frayed Hem Jeans and Knotted Tank

The perfect pastel transitional outfit.

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I love this outfit. Really, I do. It's very '50s/'60s housewife chic. I don't know why in my mind that's a good thing, but I really do like it! The high waisted, slim fit jeans and the seaside worthy cropped tank? Very Megan Draper. The touch of the millennial pink and the oh so trendy frayed hem jeans keep this from looking too try-hard vintage. Best thing, this outfit rang in at a total of $13. That's it. 

Today's mini lesson in thrifting is all about sizing, and making pieces work for you. You see neither of these pieces came home exactly as I'm wearing them in this photo. I was on a mission from Glob to find a pair of jeans I could easily make into frayed hem jeans. We're in that very short in between spring and summer transition right now in New Orleans and I knew there was no way in hell I'd be wearing jeans in a month. It was the time. It had to happen. 

So what did I do? I just cut off the hem of these jeans and tossed them in the wash. Simple as that. The top got an upgrade too. I guess it's a dress? Or a tunic? I don't know, personally its a wee bit short for me to feel comfortable wearing it as a dress. But with buttons all the way down to the bottom I just buttoned it to my waist, folded up the rest and tied it into a knot. Easy peasy. And I guess I could wear it dress style as a swimsuit cover up so everyone is a winner. 

Oh! And the thing about sizing. Whenever I go thrifting, I look through all the sizes. Actually, what I'm really looking for is colors, fabrics, and textures. You can feel pretty quickly when something is cheap and not worth the $4 it's being sold for. You know, jersey knits that get all rough and covered in pills. Or even worse, jeans that feel like jersey knit. It's like asking for you to bend over and rip your pants because they're just that thin

Looking for decent quality fabrics makes a world of difference. That, and having an open mind about sizing. For instance, I saw these jeans on the rack and fell in love with the color pronto. But, they're marked (like inside the pants, by the manufacturer) three sizes smaller than I typically wear. I'm not one of those people who complain about sizing because in nearly every brand I'm very consistently a size eight. These are a size two. MADNESS. And the top? It's an extra large. So, somehow things even out. 

As always I've tossed a few look alikes down in the widget below along with the shoes I'm wearing and almost the exact same bag. Happy shopping!