Thursday Thrift: Vintage Coach Purse

Or the tale of how I got a Coach purse for under $25. Yes, really.

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I've never been one of those people who needs designer ... anything. Sure, I like things that are high quality and I'm willing to pay more for them, but I'm also not willing to drop several hundred dollars (or more) on a purse. If you're interested, Maddie of Whisky Tango Flat White wrote a really interesting piece on the blogger designer handbag matter that you can read through. That being said, I really hate poor quality purses which is why I usually turn to leather bags. This mini purse? It's an '80s era Coach crossbody.

It's basically perfect, right? I picked this tiny sized bag so I could take just the essentials with me. I wanted something simple, but you know, nice. Again, this purse was a cheapie find on ThredUp for only $24. They actually didn't mark it as a Coach purse (admittedly the branding is only on the inside and could be easily overlooked) and it had been discounted quite a few times. Essentially the stars aligned to get me this babe for less than half my budget for this lil purse purchase. 

I was between picking up this purse, a Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac (which was a bit over my $50 budget) and another unknown brand mini leather crossbody. But, it took me so long to decide on which one I wanted to spend my little dollars on, that the other two sold! So - hot tip - if you're buying on ThredUP, be quick and decisive. 

It fits literally just the essentials. Like that little blue bag? Um, it kind of doesn't really fit. But I can get my wallet (which, incidentally came tucked in this purse for free) keys, sunnies, my phone and a couple of odds and ends. So like three lipsticks, realistically. I picked it up for my Euro vacation so that I wouldn't be tempted to lug around a bunch of stuff I really don't need. 

As always I picked out a few different mini crossbody bags in the widget down below. They're a variety of prices and materials for you to take a looksie through. I actually found this exact same Coach bag on ebay in black but it sold before I was able to set this post live. So, sorry about that but, I'd keep a sharp eye out on ebay if you want this exact same guy for a real steal.