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Top 5 Products I've Loved This Month

Top 5 Products I've Loved This Month


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Right now I'm holed up in an Air B&B where I've stolen the house cat to cuddle. Because I'm not in the perpetually 85 degrees or warmer New Orleans, I'm swaddled in a blanket, not unlike a baby, burning a pumpkin scented candle, and wearing my slippers. Safe to say I'm feeling pretty autumnal. 

Anyway, it's been a hot minute since I've sat down to write something for my very own website and I thought there was no better way to end my unexpected three week sabbatical than with monthly favorites. Everyone's favorite-least-favorite blogger monthly tradition!  


I know I usually try to keep things even-ish by only talking about my top three makeup bits of the month, but all four of these guys are on an equal love playing field and I just couldn't kick any of them out. 

The Balm

First we'll talk about the glossy, stinky, elephant in the room. The Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream is something that I've had on hand for a while. I didn't really use it because the original scent is, um, unpleasant. It's like peppermint that has gone a bit bad. It's so strong that the first time I used next to Dave, he sniffed the air much like a dog, and asked what I was doing. So, you know, it smells cute. Anyway there is an unscented version so you don't need to deal with that. 

It's made with vitamin E to actually do the lip hydrating, petroleum jelly to seal that moisture in, and salicylic acid to help cell turn over and make sure you won't get chapped lips. I've been applying this religiously a couple of times a day for the last month and oh my God my lips are so soft. Whenever I finally make it through this tube (it will be a while, it's massive) I'll definitely repurchase the unscented version.  

bareMinerals Original Foundation

The Fall Foundation

I've been on a barely there, extra dewy, tinted moisturizer kick for the last decade it feels like. When things finally started cooling down (and by that I mean it's 85 not 95) I decided to switch things up. I headed back to my many tried and tested bareMinerals Original Powder Foundation. It's always been my perfect not-tan color match and I'm a bit in love with wearing powder foundation again.

First of all it is crazy easier clean up than pouring a bit of foundation on the back of my hand and using a brush and sponge to apply. The only mess is inside the cap, so really, who cares? The low-ish coverage is my favorite and the original formula has a bit of sheen to it so I'm not totally matte and cakey all day. 

Plus it makes my skin look perfect so wins all around. 

The Shimmer

I've been back on the MAC Vanilla Pigment bandwagon in October. This pigment is the best inner eye highlight. It's, ya know, light and shimmery enough to be a bright highlight, but it also has this almost pink and golden shift to it that I love. I've also been using it as a cheek highlight because life's too short to not have your cheekbones seen from space, am I right? Because MAC is bonkers and didn't sell little versions of their pigments for-ev-er I have the giant one that will last me until the end of time, not complaining. 

copper winged liner

The liner

I've been wearing cat eye liner on a daily basis lately and it's all thanks to this color-nameless H&M Aqua Liquid Liner. I've finally actually gotten kind of good at liner thanks to all the practice and this brush. It's thin enough to get a razor sharp flick but tapers larger so you don't spend 30 minutes filling in your wing.

The formula has a metallic finish and once it dries it is not going anywhere. But you do have to shake it first, if you don't shake it you're SOL on the pigment. Also learned this month, don't tip it to the side while open because there's not like an internal stopper thing to keep the liner from spilling out and ruining your shirt. 

I'm toying around with doing a whole cat eye video or post or something since I've finally got it down. I'm calling my wing shape Sad Dobby Ears if you wanted a little teaser. 


Finally onto the non-makeup section of the article. I don't really know why I titled it ~ Lifestyle ~ but, I feel like when it comes to blogging, if it isn't beauty and it isn't fashion, it's lifestyle. Here goes. 

Rhodia Bullet Journal

So this month I've been BUSY. Which is always a good thing when you aren't on the 9-5 train. But because of that business I've had to be super extra organized. I usually use Evernote to take notes and I would have a running daily to do list going on in there. But, because whenever you really need something to work it will break, I had Evernote accidentally delete the information inside that note three times in one week. Which is why I went back to paper planning.

I've been bullet journaling for the last three weeks which has been working out splendidly. I've had this Rhodia dot notebook lying around since, let me check, since April, when I first decided I would get into bullet journaling. It didn't really stick then. But the paper is gorgeous, it's a dot grid which works well for me, and now that I know what I'm doing with it - I love it. My one grumble is the orange cover gets so dirty with regular use. I'm thinking in January I'll get a new one in black for the new year. 

What have you been loving this month?

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