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Fall Nail Polish For When You Chopped Your Nails To Bits

Fall Nail Polish For When You Chopped Your Nails To Bits


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I've been, ugh. I've been particularly bad lately about picking my nails. Which I know is like one of those gross things you don't want to picture. Even worse is I did it with gel nail polish twice (!!!) in a row which was seriously just asking to destroy my once long talons. 

With all the damage that came from that (PSA - don't pick off gel nail polish, ya'll) my nails were looking not so hot. But as a ~ beauty editor ~ I need to have semi decent nails on a regular basis because I tend to write about them. Which leads us to fake nails which, wait for it, I picked off. 

Not real fake acrylic nails, don't worry. But the plastic kind you can get at the drugstore and super-glue on. 

All of which leads us to now. To deal with the fact that my nails were breaking like a mofo when I did things like gently type, or lightly pet my cat, I clipped them all down short. Since they have now finally grown past the little chiclet phase, I thought it would be a good time to share my favorite fall nail polishes for short nails. Here goes. 


To be fair, I like wearing dark purple nails all year long. I've just never really gotten into easter eggy lilac shades. But when my nails are on the short side I go for two colors.

First is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Plum Luck, a deep plum with a bit of red. The Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure formula and brush are my favorite from the drugstore. The polish is a bit thicker which I don't mind because then you don't need to do three coats, and they have a nice thick rounded brush that is just perfect. 

For something darker I go for Essie Devil's Advocate, a plum so dark I thought it was black when I first got it. If you really want to see the plumminess of this color I suggest you layer it over a lighter shade to brighten it up. Otherwise two coats of this guy will get you nails so dark you can only see the plum in bright sunlight. 

 My nails have finally grown out to an  acceptable to photograph  length.

My nails have finally grown out to an acceptable to photograph length.


It took me a long time to get on the red nail train. I don't know, it always just looked too '50s to me? My first red polish love was a gel nail polish, but seeing as I'm trying to stop myself from destroying my nails further, I didn't include it. 

Instead I've got two brighter red shades. The first is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Rhododendron. It's an ever so slightly purple toned, somewhat muted red that I've been loving for a few months. It's low key enough to not be a Christmas red but it's also got enough brightness to give your hands some life. 

I've also been wearing the Wet N' Wild Spoiled Polish in Slumming On Sunset. Lovely name, that one. This is one of those classic deep red's that makes me think of the '50s. I really like it for fall because it's not like a cherry red, it's just ever so slightly darker than that. 


What seems to be the theme of the post is one color is brighter, and one is more muted and so the theme continues with the blues!

First up is the brighter of the two - Sinful Colors Navy I Do. This is your classic bright but dark Tardis blue. Maybe I've just been watching way too much Gilmore Girls lately but every time I look at this color I have Miss Patty saying Hello Sailor on repeat in my head.

For something a little more toned down for those moody dark fall days there is Essie Bobbing For Baubles. It's kind of like Essie's School Boy Blazer (remember when that was the it color?) but lighter. I prefer this one because it has an ashiness to it that I really like. It's like the blue of an old library or something. 


I gotta say real quick that I don't really do black on chopped to the quick short nails because they look a little, um, hoof-y. It reminds me of hooves. Don't know how that image got in my head, wait yes I do! Click here for a creep gif explanation. Anyway, I don't go for black nails unless they have grown out at least a bit. 

For a little bit of glitz there is OPI My Private Jet, a black with rainbow microglitter. It's your early aughts Myspace background in a nail polish and it is perfection. Although bemoaned by the nail polish community that newer bottles of My Private Jet have less glitter (I mean it does look like that's true) I still love this one. It's a party on your nails but still relatively subtle. 

And finally for the standard black nail polish I have Sally Hansen (clearly I like Sally Hansen) Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear in Black Out. Again I want to reiterate that on super short short nails that solid creamy black is just not my jam, but on even slightly longer nails I love it. With rounded or oval shaped nails I feel like black reads as chic instead of angsty. 

What nail polish do you wear on short nails? Let me know bbs. 

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