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Top 5 Favorite Winter Lipstick Colors

Top 5 Favorite Winter Lipstick Colors

Inquiring minds wanted to know.

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Winter is winding down, actually it was basically like two weeks long here, but regardless it's winding down. Which means I'm starting to do some closet, skincare, and makeup switcheroos for the upcoming season! I mean NYFW is over that means it's spring now, right? My favorite winter lipstick colors really covered the spectrum this year. From not-a-lipstick-actually-a-gloss, to a luxurious deep vampy shade. Without further ado, my top five favorite winter lipstick colors. 

Winter lipstick swatches

1. The Gloss

I feel like I'm a broken record talking about my never ending love of the *Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in Red Berry. I wear it almost every day when I'm bumming around the house so, you know, it's on the mind a lot. 

This gloss is light but pigmented enough to actually show up which is great! It's like a first boyfriend of the lip product world. The oily aspect isn't all that noticeable TBH but it does keep your lips nice and hydrated. 

2. The Barely There Lipstick

For something still glossy but less of a literal gloss, I've been wearing the *Clarins Joli Rouge lipstick in #27. This is the only Joli Rouge lipstick I'd actually wear in winter because the rest of the colors are so sheer and light. They're adorable little glossy easter eggs that feel out of place in cooler months.

The shade, I just looked it up is called hot fuchsia, which I don't know why but I immediately heard it in my head in the hot Donna voice. The name, it's um, accurate at least. The shade really is a mix of hot pink and fuchsia, so hot fuchsia is fitting. This is a great option for gals a bit scared to wear a vampy, dark lipstick but still want some color on their lips.

3. The MLBB Lipstick

GUYS. I may have found a replacement for my never-ending love of NARS Dolce Vita! Actually, not a replacement because I still have her, but we'll call it an equal. It's *Makeup Geek Iconic Lipstick in Gullible. It's a bit more dusky rose based than Dolce Vita which reads quite coral on me, but still, pretty freakin' close.

This is a great lipstick if you don't know what color to wear. Like, you've got to wear something on your lips but you don't want it to stand out. I get a lot of Kylie Jenner vibes from this color, not like I look like her when I wear it (lolz) but in the subtle but super pretty lip thing she always does. The matte formula is comfortable and not too drying but it can get a little skippy when you apply to the lips.

4. The Comfy Matte

For an easy to apply, easy to wear, dark but not too dark shade I've got the *Makeup Geek Plush Matte Lip Cremé in Plain Jane. For having such a meh name, I really wouldn't expect to like this one. It's a gorgeous brick red that glides over your lips to hang out there for a while. The Plush Mattes are definitely my favorite of all the Makeup Geek lip launches so far!

Although they don't wear as long as I'd like, they are gorgeous, easy to apply and so, so comfortable to wear. I'm a bit obsessed with them, really. I think Plain Jane is the perfect red for winter, it's not a bright cherry red, it's not a summery strawberry red. It's the perfect combination of "Yay holidays!" and "UGH it's so cold".

5. The Vampy Lipstick

My last favorite love this winter is the *Oribe Lip Lust in The Violet. Do you remember a few years back when everyone had all those feels about MAC Rebel? I get the same sort of vibes from this. You can wear it super dark and layered up to a vampy purpley-red finish. You can also pat it on, to get a hint of purple tint on your lips. 

I've already reviewed this lipstick in full, so I won't go on and on about it. But, if you were in the market for a treat yo' self bold lipstick, this would be at the top of my list.  

What were your lipstick loves this winter? 

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