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What to do When You Break the Ever Loving Bejesus out of Your Nails

What to do When You Break the Ever Loving Bejesus out of Your Nails


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Let us drift back several months to my vacation abroad. I, as a nail enthusiast and always vain beauty blogger did my nails in a fresh set of navy blue gels the day before leaving. This was to make sure I wouldn't break a nail as I was galavanting around and not practicing nearly as much nail related self care as usual. I even filed my nails down a bit to leave less of a free edge so that there was less possible nail to get caught on something and break.

Which, inevitably, happened anyway. 

I thought I was totally home free because I made it through a solid week of airplanes and travel without an ounce of damage to my tiny talons. But one very close call from one plane to the next with a security check in between caught my nails in a bind.

It hurt I tell ya. 

This is, I don't know, maybe day three? It's not the immediate aftermath of nail breakage but it's pretty close afterwards. I managed to break the ring fingernail on both hands and I don't know if that is some kind of omen or what.

Anyway. I broke both nails right up/into the quick (aka where it's literally attached to your finger) which is ow ow ow very painful.

After they had a few days to get past the throbbing pain stage I filed the broken nails to a more-even finish. The rest of my nails were long-ish at the time so I had to even them out too. I just chopped them down with nail clippers and filed them into squovals my least favorite nail shape. Whatever.

It's all I could do to have somewhat even looking nails at the time. We'll call this date May 1st. It was really more like April 29th but, you know, simplicity's sake. 

Also, touching things with the tips of your fingers for the first time in months? Real weird. 

Next step? Gels. 

And I know. Gels made me cocky and allowed me to think I could willy nilly pull things out of my backpack when obviously I couldn't do that. But gels are also nice and thick and ideally don't chip that much and my nails needed some time to grow back to their former glory. 

I did maybe the worst gel manicure I've ever done ever attempting to use holo powder because holo nails always make me feel better. Anyway, bad job poorly done but I had to live with my lumpy weird holo nails for a couple of weeks as my talons started to grow again.

Religious use of the Bliss Kiss Simply Pure nail oil helped to hydrate my nails and to get my cuticles back to a state of glory. I used this stuff as often as possible. Like, right now, I'm typing this out in a coffee shop, positively itching to grab the oil out of my bag and get to massaging my nail beds.

Okay. Did it. Much better. 

Here we are, memorial day weekend (almost one month later) with nails that have mostly-ish grown back. They're still not living up to my usual glory but they don't make you weep to look at so it's an improvement!

After the initial gel grow out phase I had a few weeks of changing up my routine with plain ol' regular polish. That's the blue, above. While my nails were still living below the edge of my fingers there is way less threat of breakage so I wasn't too worried to go without gels. That's basically what I continued to do until my nails grew free from the edges of my fingers and I got all scared for their lives again.

This brings us to mid June when I hopped back on the gel nail wagon with the Melody Susie One Step Gel Nail Polish Kit. Above in the purple polish is June 10th. 

Even though I got all careless with my nails last time I did gels and it was the sad demise of my talons, I just feel so much more secure with gel polish on. It's just so thick and really helps give your nails a layer of protection. 

Along with continuing to use my beloved Bliss Kiss nail oil (I'll need a new one soon I swear) I kept the gels on rotation for another full month which brings us to today, July 20th when my nails finally feel back to normal. 


Two And A Half Months Later

Don't judge the instagram story screenshot, I'm in the process of moving. 

And really that's all it takes to grow out your nails. Time (lots of it), not breaking your nails as they grow out (gel polish), and keeping your nails healthy and hydrated with nail oil. Easy enough, right?

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